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the frontier within

Do you know how many miles your blood has travelled in your lifetime?

How many liters of air your lungs have breathed since the day you were born?

How many billions of neurons are firing in your brain every second you’re alive?

Nowadays where technology and innovation define us more than ever, Thorne, a high-end health supplement start-up, believes the next frontier of human progress isn’t out in the universe, or deep inside a server farm; it’s within us.

The Frontier Within is how Thorne sees the human body.


The Experience

In an age of obsession over physical appearance, The Frontier Within invited a deeper appreciation of who we are, within.
This idea launched as an immersive art installation that changed our perceptions of who we really are, by revealing the beauty and complexity of our inner bodies.

Biometric sensors captured the participant’s circulatory, respiratory and nervous system data, and transformed it into a living, breathing, interactive 20 foot-tall inner portrait of their body.


Respiratory System


Circulatory System


Nervous System

The Frontier Within shows that when we look beneath the surface, each and every one of us is infinitely complex, powerful and profoundly beautiful.


This activation was complemented by a web app version for those who couldn’t attend, which also generates an Inner Selfie to share across the viewer’s social channels.


The Takeaway: Your Inner Selfie

inner selfies.png


Group Creative Director: Juliana Cobb
Creative Directors: Ray Smiling & Victor Monclus Gonzalez
Associate Creative Director: Henry Kember
Copywriter: Abe Chuang & Diana Perez
Art Director: Astrid Andujar & Belén Márquez
Creative Technology Director: Brian Moore
Design Director: Dan Pulito