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The Performance That Might Never Live


The Performance That Might Never Live

Enrico Labayen is a dance choreographer based in San Francisco who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2016. He could not afford treatment, but he wasn't ready for the music to stop. 

In order to raise the funds needed, we created and sold tickets to Enrico's hypothetical post-recovery dance show, which we called "The Performance That Might Never Live". He would create this piece and perform it if he was able to get funding for his treatment and survive the disease. People who were interested in helping Enrico were able to buy tickets to the show either in person or in spirit and fund the treatment that would get him to it.  

We raised over $20,000 towards Enrico's treatment, which he's currently undergoing.
He hopes to create and perform "The Performance That Might Never Live" soon. 



Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh - Copywriter
Belén Márquez - Art Director