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Sperry helped define preppy style for nearly a century—it was time for them redefine it. 

The “Prep For All” campaign is all about democratizing “prep” culture and taking on what people think “prep” is and who they think it’s for. The film took the social mores and material aspects of stereotypical preppy culture and turned them on their heads. We wanted to acknowledge how prep culture has been perceived and change that perception by having the self-awareness and boldness to call out the elephant in the room—to poke fun at ourselves in the most lighthearted, inclusive way possible to let people know they don’t need to look a certain way or be a certain kind of person to wear Sperry.

Now “prep” belongs to no one, because “prep” belongs to everyone.


Print Campaign

We created a design system based and routed in Sperry’s history–the sea. Inspired by nautical graphic elements, we developed a flexible system that feels true to Sperry’s heritage, yet defined in a new modern space.


Group Creative Directors: Casey Rand, Karen Short & Juliana Cobb
Creative Directors: Rachel Frederick & Dana Stalker
Copywriter: Abe Chuang
Art Director: Belén Márquez
Designer: Jaymes Barone