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OnePlus 7


onePlus 7

OnePlus is focused on what to include and what to leave out of their phones. They’re pushing against the category by choosing not to chase trendy features, while their other brands tack on bloatware and random albums to inflate their price.

While other phone brands are creating ads demoing features in cool, “millennial” ways OnePlus want to make a mark in a much more human way. That’s why in our films work we want to create artful interpretations of our features, the 3 cameras and the new screen design without the notch, designed to make the viewer feel what it’s like to have a OnePlus.




The Notch



Executive Creative Director: Felix Richter
Creative Directors: Julie Matheny & Paul Meates
Copywriters: Evan Barkoff & Mia Madrid
Art Director: Belén Márquez & Iwona Usakiewicz